Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1996
  • Headquarters: New York, New York

Stella has been in conception since 1996 when Tribeca, via retail zoning, began to change from a predominantly industrial burrow to the quiet neighborhood we now call home. After years of travel, research, preparation and hope our opening was put on hold in September 2001 due to our proximity with the World Trade Center. Luckily, at the end of October 2001, we were able to open our doors and help our neighbors make a fresh start after so many of our homes were damaged and destroyed. Eight years later, our little luxury oasis has weathered many storms. Stella prides itself on offering the highest quality home textiles from around the world coupled with exceptional service. We try to stand above the rest by only stocking items that are handcrafted, made under fair labor conditions and in methods that are not harmful to the environment. We do our very best to continue to bring the best nights sleep, a warm and cozy moment, or an exquisite gift home to you and yours.

We were first drawn to Stella because they carry a hard-to-find brand of towels that are the most luxurious things we've ever put on our skin. But the store has more than handmade towels, and you can be assured that everything in the place is the most luxurious of its kind.

While not exactly the budget-friendly retailer Apartment Therapy tends to cover, this is the sort of place you go to find unique pillows for your dream home, or a cozy baby blanket for your first niece. In other words, the things at Stella are special, and their personal customer service makes each shopper feel that way, too.