The Ross Vintage Poster Gallery

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Store History

  • Founded by: Mickey Ross
  • Headquarters: 532 Madison Ave. on the 4th floor, New York, New York

The Ross Art Group was founded by Mickey Ross over 12 years ago. Mickey had been a successful businessman in the textile industry for over 20 years. With a background in the design and creation of printed fabrics it seemed only natural when Mickey began to collect Original Vintage Posters when traveling throughout Europe. What began as a hobby, has developed into a passion and now into a thriving business.

We first found this poster gallery at a trade show, where a small booth was filled with stacks of the coolest vintage prints we've ever seen, particularly the French classroom aides from the 50s.

While not currently on the site, those posters and many more can be found through The Ross Vintage Poster Gallery. They can't list online the thousands of items they have in stock, so if you have a specific request, you can contact them to be sent images of posters that fit your criteria.

We think original poster art is a beautiful and often more affordable way to decorate your walls when compared with purchasing paintings. Though not inexpensive, these vintage pieces hold their value and can create a unique statement in any room. Have a look here to see what goodies you can find for yourself.