Uncommon Goods

Location: online only

Store History

  • Founded: 1999
  • Founded by: David Bolotsky
  • Headquarters: Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

Find anything but ordinary in every home and gift category imaginable.



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We must be on some new-age mailing list; this time, though, we were pleasantly surprised. The selection at Uncommon Goods, which tags itself as a gift catalog, features more than a few unique home-related items, and a good portion of what's in the catalog fits one idea of green: recycled-content, and made by artisans in the US. Other items, like this $12 mug, manage to walk the line between tacky fun and thought-provoking. And you can't argue with the prices, which seem mighty affordable to us.

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A few more of our favorites:

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• Salvaged wine barrel oak staves are handcrafted in Northern California to make this striking chair. All the more striking is the price: just $165.

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• Another clever doormat... this one's made on a base of recycled tires. $24

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• These platters are attractive and made from 100% recycled glass -- the entire bottle, in fact. We think they'd look great not only when in use, but also hanging on a kitchen wall. $15

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• We've seen Tripp Gregson's work, like handbags made of cut up traffic signs, in art museum stores before. But we didn't know he made furniture, too. This stop sign table is the perfect size for bedside, and a clever repurposing, too. $90

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• We liked the patina of these frames and the soft coloration, though we're more excited by the hard/soft contrast of the black and white frames also available. Once again, they're handmade in Georgia by an artist. $45 each.