Warp & Weft: High-End Rugs on Madison Avenue

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2001
  • Founded by: Michael Mandapati
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

With a portfolio highlighting the best antique and modern rugs as well as a commitment to unsurpassed quality and superb client service, Warp & Weft offers the ability to attain the full effect of any space with beautiful carpets that bring all the elements of the interior to a perfect ensemble.

There's a section of Madison Avenue in Midtown lined with high-end carpet showrooms. It's beautiful to walk through at night, when the shops are lit from within — huge antique rugs fill plate glass display windows, and if you squint, the building facades look like giant patterned lanterns. Warp and Weft is one of the best of these Mad-Ave shops.

Storeowner Michael Mandapati founded Warp and Weft in 2001. The space itself is a spare, loft-like showroom that feels more like a gallery than a shop. Patterned rugs from around the world hang from the walls like medieval tapestries in a museum.

They carry a mix of antique and contemporary carpets of very high quality — this is the kind of place where fictional Wall Street mogul Gordon Gekko would send his decorator. Actually, Warp & Weft supplied the carpets for Gordon Gekko's movie apartment, so...there you go.

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Riviera Aqua Rug, price on request
Yarlong Rug, price on request
Riviera Champagne Carpet, price on request
Kia Sar, price on request
Angora Shag in Ivory, price on request
Tabriz Rug, price on request
Ikat Rug, price on request
Antique Aubusson Carpet, price on request
Retro Woolen Flatweave, price on request