Trio of IKEA Salad Bowls Turned Into DIY Nautilus Audio Speakers

Trio of IKEA Salad Bowls Turned Into DIY Nautilus Audio Speakers

Gregory Han
Feb 16, 2012

B&W Nautilus speakers are legendary, both for their audio performance and their iconic cabinet shape. No surprise, audiophile loudspeakers like this are for rare and expensive, probably the reason IKEA Hacker, Damir Paco of Denmark, dreamt up a much more affordable DIY version using a trio of IKEA wood salad bowls and some BAREN clothes hooks...

The inspiration? The Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus are fashioned after the beautiful marine creature with the logarithmic spiral shell.

Unfortunately, Damir didn't photo document his project, but describes his project as such over at IKEA Hacker:

Yes they are real speaker. The bass is a little flat, but it can be done with a woofer. I have unfortunately no instructions in how to make them because I did not think to take pictures while I made them. I have uploaded an image so you can see them where they stand today [shown above].

We can't show you how to make Damir's speakers specifically, but you might be able to piece together something similar using our past how-to instructions for How to Make VERY Simple Speakers, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Images: IKEA Hackers

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