A Plethora of Creative Ways to Display Your Favorite Photos

Your photos are on your phone, they're on your computer, they're on the memory card on your camera. Sure, you share them on Facebook and Instagram — but wouldn't it be nice if you could see the smiling faces of your favorite people (or photos of your favorite places) around your house every day? Here are a few creative ideas for ways to display (lots and lots of) photos.

There's something enthralling about the texture created by this wild collection of photos, all thumtacked on top of each other. It works because of the limited color scheme (all black and white photos) and the larger objects, like the vintage painting and the frame, which give the eye somehwere to rest. Spotted on Domaine Home.

A somewhat more orderly (polaroid!) photo display from Jamie's Los Angeles pad.

Why not cover a whole wall with photos? Spotted on IKEA Family Live.

I love this photo display above a fireplace — it's both pretty and personal. Lonny via The Beehive.

At The Craver Compound, photos are attached with binder clips onto wires strung along the wall.

Here's a different take on the same notion — putting the photos in mats makes the whole look a little more formal. From Shelterness via Babble.

More string + clippy photos. DIY from The Caldwell Project.

Hang photos in mats from pant hangers. Spotted on Scandinavian Deko.

Or have a mat custom cut to display a bunch of photos in a GIANT frame. From the House to Home blog.

In Allison & Luke’s Comfortable Eclectic Apartment, a row of treasured photos makes a cheerful stripe down the entry hall.

(Image credits: Domaine Home; Bethany Nauert; IKEA Family Live; Lonny; Ashley Poskin; Shelterness; The Caldwell Project; Scandinavian Deko; House to Home; Kim Lucian)