Here’s Why I Buy All of My Picture Frames on Amazon, and You Should, Too

published Feb 2, 2022
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Credit: Kate Thompson

Much to the displeasure of my parents and landlords, I’ve always been someone who likes to hang pictures on the wall. My space just doesn’t feel complete without art — lots of art. This preference has meant that over the years, I’ve learned a lot about finding and sourcing picture frames to display all of my beloved works. I’m here to share one of my top tips for you now, which is that you can find some amazing, affordable, high quality picture frames on Amazon. In fact, it’s where I get pretty much all of my frames.

As much as I love hunting around thrift stores for frames with perfect patinas, often, I don’t feel super-patient and am just looking to get my new prints hung in a matter of days. Thus, Amazon Prime has become my best friend for frame sourcing! I recently posted the above photo to my Instagram page and received so many questions about the black and gold frames shown. Would you believe that they cost less than $40 each on Prime?

I also have found Amazon to be a great resource for purchasing two-packs of frames. At the rate that I collect new art pieces, it sometimes just makes more sense to stock up on an affordable set of frames when I find a style I like, even if I won’t be using them both right away. That way, if I happen to come home from a flea market or craft fair with a new print (a situation that is quite common in my life!), I can pop it into a frame immediately. The gold frame pack below is one of my favorites. You can see these in my former apartment, as pictured above. These frames come out to just over $17 each!

Credit: Amazon

Love specialized finishes like burl wood? Amazon has plenty of burl frames, too, which are well-priced and also ship in just two days. I think this burl option below is so classic and handsome, and it comes in a variety of colored finishes, if the post-modern look is more your thing. Based on my browsing, a frame like this would generally retail for about twice as much at other stores.

Credit: Amazon

I will note that when it comes to extra special pieces (such as artwork that was more of a splurge, an original drawing, or a textile, for example), I will opt to go to a professional framer. Sometimes, if a piece isn’t a standard size and I really want it to pop, I’ll also go the professional route (though I’ve learned in recent years that you can find a lot of uncommon-sized frames on Amazon, too; just browse!).

A professional framer can assist you in selecting glass that will best preserve a one-of-a-kind piece, and you’ll have far more options when it comes to frame style. That said, for those of us who are purchasing affordable prints and/or looking to construct a gallery wall without majorly breaking the bank, I couldn’t recommend the Amazon frame selection more!