Getting Ready for Gift Giving:
20 Monthly Subscription Club Ideas

Getting Ready for Gift Giving:
20 Monthly Subscription Club Ideas

Alysha Findley
Sep 1, 2015
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In the past, monthly subscriptions only came in the form of magazines and music for a penny, but we have come a long way from then. Now you can give a subscription gift to just about anything from wine to candy to food to beauty products. Here are 20 of the best monthly subscription boxes and gifts for anyone on your list:

What could be better than receiving a surprise gift each month in the mail? It's a surefire way to put an exclamation point at the end of any good or not so good day. Maybe this could be the way to go for someone special this holiday season, or just for any old gift giving occasion you come across. Why not spread the joy and happy thoughts all year long instead of minimizing it to just one day?

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Artisan Goods: Makrbox offers unique handcrafted goods built by independent makers in the Pacific Northwest.

Soap: Organic Green Soap Company offers a monthly full-sized bar of their handcrafted organic soap.

Grooming and Beauty Products: Birchbox offers samples of the best curated men's and women's grooming and beauty products from well known and emerging artisans.

Handmade Letterpress Stationery and Cards: TOTA press offers two custom-designed and hand-printed cards a month.

Curated Indie E-Books: Emily Books offers one unique indie e-book a month automatically downloaded to your computer or device.

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Brit Kits: Simple projects, materials, and instructions ranging from home decor to food to fashion.

Whimsey Box: Whimseybox brings the best designed projects and top-notch materials from the bloggers and brands you love directly to your doorstop every month.

For The Makers: Offers materials and instructions for four DIY projects based on theme and color, with a basis in jewelry and fashion.

Kiwi Crate: Offers a crate full of fun projects and games for kids to do.

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Coffee: Citizen Bean offers the best and freshest sustainable and complex roasts from small roasters all over the country. Craft Coffee is a very selectively curated coffee subscription of master blends.

Beer: Beer of the Month Club offers four different beer clubs, including the rare beer club. Craft Beer Club offers the finest craft beers from America's best Microbreweries.

Wine: Club W offers three bottles a month, based on your palate, from the coolest small production wineries from around the world.

Liquor: Tasters Club offers the best in Whiskey, Bourbon, or Scotch, and teaches you about each liquor you receive.

Cocktails: Saxon + Parole offers pre-made bottles of unique libations to add to your "cabinet of cocktail curiosities".

Tea: Teavana offers three different experiences to choose, from 'Blisssful Moments' to 'Classic Journeys' to their 'Platinum Collection'.


Cupcakes: Sprinkles offers a dozen of their cupcakes each month. Polka Dot Cake hand delivers their cocktail, gluten free, or classic cupcakes to the NYC/NJ areas.

Bacon: Zingermans offers 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon a month.

Cheese: Pastoral Artisan offers high quality hand crafted cheeses. Cheese of the Month offers three half pound artisan cheeses from around the world.

Chocolate: Vosges Chocolate offers their exotic truffle collections.

Ice Cream: High Road offers six flavors of their craft ice cream and sorbet a month, with flavors like Pistachio Honey Ricotta and Bourbon Burnt Sugar. Milk Made Ice Cream is a hand-made, hand-delivered ice cream in the NYC area.

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