This Easy-to-Use Kit Transformed My Tiny Windowsill Plant Into a Lush Floor Plant Within One Year

published Apr 11, 2023
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If you’ve ever heard me talk about plants before, you’ll know I don’t have much of a green thumb. Even so, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to keep a handful of plants alive, although it hasn’t been without some help. When I’m not searching for solutions online or calling my mom for plant tips, I rely on plant care products I’ve tried that have proven to work miracles on my home greenery. Roughly a year ago, I learned about Arber, a company that’s dedicated to helping people take better care of their indoor and outdoor plants. They offer a variety of plant care kits, and after reading about the benefits of each one, I eventually picked out their bestselling Organic Holistic Kit to try for myself. I’d recently been gifted a small plant from Plant Proper, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to put Arber’s kit to the test.

Arber’s Organic Holistic Kit is the perfect kit for beginner plant parents and those new to the brand as it tackles a well-rounded handful of plant needs. The kit includes the brand’s Organic Plant Food for indoor plants; Organic Bio Protectant for outdoor plants; Organic Bio Insecticide for indoor and outdoor plants; and Organic Bio Fungicide for indoor and outdoor plants along with a 32-ounce spray bottle and two-ounce stainless steel measuring cup. Every time you use an item in the kit, you measure out how much you’ll need (a little math will be necessary, depending on the amount), and mix the solution in the spray bottle per the instructions on each label. All of these products are meant to be used at the moment, so it’s best to pour as close to the exact amount of solution as you’ll need because whatever you don’t use can’t be saved outside of its bottle. Because my little plant is going to be indoors, I didn’t need every product in the kit. I passed along the Bio Protectant to my mom since she has plants in nearly every room, including outside, and used the rest on my test plant.

Credit: Britt Franklin

The first time I used products from Arber’s Organic Holistic Kit, it was a challenge to nail down the different instructions for each one. However, once I established a routine with my plant care, it became so much easier. I used a little less product than the instructions called for since I was only using it on one plant at the time, but the more plants you have, the more you’ll want to mix so that you can take care of them all in one go instead of having to go back and measure out more of it. It didn’t take long to see the effects of the plant food, fungicide, and insecticide. Because the plants are kept by the window, I’ve often had issues with bugs getting into them, but that problem was wiped away completely. Additionally, I suddenly began seeing a ton of growth with the plant. So much so that it went from the windowsill to the tabletop to the floor in months. I’ve been using Arber for a little under a year now, and the plant is thriving. It’s probably going to be time to replant it in a larger pot again soon!

Credit: Britt Franklin

I know $99 sounds like a lot for plant products but trust me, this organic plant care kit is totally the real deal and the solutions last long enough to get your money’s worth and more. If you’re wanting quality products to step up your houseplant game, then Arber is a great place to start. It doesn’t matter how many DIY plant care TikToks from online gurus I watch, they haven’t been as helpful as turning to a brand that’s super focused on making your plants the best they can be. All I need is a product or two that works. Even my mother, who’s amazing with plants, was impressed with how well Arber has improved her indoor and outdoor collection. When it comes to my plants, I stick to what I know for as long as I can, so Arber is one brand I’ll surely be with for the long haul.