My Curious Dogs Love Eating Plants, But This Ridiculously Chic Planter Keeps My Greenery Out of Reach

published Jan 9, 2023
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The last time I had plants and pets in the same house was when I still lived at home with my parents. Honestly, I thought I was a lost cause as a plant parent because I’ve always struggled with keeping them alive. Once I was out on my own, I had plants before dogs, and didn’t think it would be an issue when the dogs didn’t seem interested in them at all. However, after they adjusted to their new home, the plants were suddenly fair game. I’d leave the room for less than five minutes only to return to green, leafy shreds on my living room carpet. Needless to say, I moved the plants.

At the time, the best spot was the dining table, but it came with a cost: My apartment doesn’t get the best light as is, and the table is nowhere close to a window. They stayed alive, but I could tell they weren’t thriving. I needed something to raise the plants from the floor rather than put them on whatever flat surface was available. As soon as I saw Umbra’s Bellwood Planter, I knew I had to give it a try. I wasn’t sure if my plants were going to fit in it, but the dimensions and reviews seemed promising.

Right away, I loved that the design of the Bellwood Storage Planter was sleek and simple. It’s super lightweight and it’s made with a combination of real wood and powder-coated metal, so it has fashionable clean lines and durable build that can keep your plants and other items safely housed. In the past, I’ve gotten overwhelmed in trying to pick out elevated planters because of the sheer number of styles that are out there. It was hard to choose the one that would be right for my space, especially shopping online. Fortunately, Umbra is a brand that I trust when it comes to organization products, and they have yet to disappoint. The planter from their Bellwood Collection is no exception.

Credit: Britt Franklin

The Bellwood Planter requires assembly upon delivery, but fortunately comes in a slim box that won’t clutter up your space. It’s a little tricky to put together alone because of the order in which you connect the pieces, although it’s totally doable. Once it’s fully assembled, just drop the plastic tray that comes with it into the metal container and you’re ready to start adding plants, decor, and more. My plants are in medium-sized pots that are roughly eight inches, and they fit just fine in the planter along with a spray bottle and watering can. If the plant care supplies weren’t in it, I could easily fit a third plant into the planter bin. I initially worried that the sides of the container would cover the plants, but I was wrong. They’re fully visible and only their pots — as nice as they are — are hidden. Plus, they get a proper amount of sunlight now that they’re back near a window. Best of all — my dogs can no longer reach them.

Even if you won’t be using it for plants, this storage container works in any room. It can hold towels in the bathroom, toys and blankets in a nursery, and even books or supplies in an office. Thanks to handles that are built in by design, it’s not a chore to move around and it’s so much more spacious than it looks online. The pictures really don’t do it justice. If you’re short on space and need to take advantage of vertical storage, this is a piece you need!

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