7 IKEA Hacks Your Cats Will Love

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Cats are people too, and they love a good IKEA hack just as much as anybody. Whether you're trying to hide an unsightly litter box or just create a kitty playground that isn't totally ugly (and doesn't cost a billion dollars), there's something here for you in this roundup of clever cat-centric IKEA hacks.

Hiding the litter box is especially problematic in a small apartment. Brandy from Bella Pop came up with a great solution: an IKEA STUVA box, with a hole cut in the back for a kitty entrance. The front opens up so Brandy can scoop, and when the doors are closed the whole thing just looks like an end table.

If you don't have the extra floor space to devote to even an end table, try this solution from IKEA Hackers. It's the IKEA EXPEDIT, that ubiquitous bookcase, turned kitty loo. The bathroom only takes up the bottom two cubes, so there's plenty of room for storage above.

This super-simple IKEA hack turns a tray table into a double-decker cat bed, with the help of a couple of pillows.

And in case two beds just aren't enough... IKEA's DUKTIG doll bed can be stacked to accommodate all your felines.

This hack, from Princesse Guerriere (via IKEA Hackers), combines 3 LACK tables together into a combination cat condo/scratcher. Genius.

IKEA's STOLMEN line may be intended for closets, but it also makes a pretty great system for putting together kitty gyms, like this one from IKEA Hackers.

This combination cat bed/scratching post, by The Deviant Housewife, makes use of an EXPEDIT wall shelf. It looks pretty popular.

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(Image credits: IKEA Hackers; Bella Pop; Pinterest user Hanna; Reddit; Princesse Guerriere; IKEA Hackers; The Deviant Housewife)

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