8 Smart IKEA Closet Ideas to Pack More Storage into Your Space

updated Jan 28, 2022
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IKEA TARVA drawers used in a small closet
Credit: Rox Van Del

Don’t be deceived by the size—tiny closets can pack a punch! Just because they might be short on space does not mean small closets can’t offer clever storage solutions, and with IKEA serving up some ever-pleasant price points, making the most of your tiny closet doesn’t have to break your bank. In fact, these revamped  closets are so beautiful, you might even want to leave the door open.  Here’s how to make the most of your tiny closet with some fresh IKEA closet ideas.

1. Use a cabinet or closet for craft supplies.

If your tiny closet only has room for the essentials like clothing, shoes and accessories, you may need to employ some extra storage for things like craft supplies, party decorations and wrapping paper. We love how @theorganartist incorporated an IKEA closet just for this purpose. With plenty of open storage and shelves as well, you’ll have room for just about everything you need. 

Credit: ICH Designer

2. Maximize your vertical storage.

The number one rule for small-space storage? Use vertical space! That’s just what Kristina from ICH Designer has done, using a set of wooden IKEA bed slats as wall storage. While she’s chosen to use hers for office supplies, you could hang scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, or anything else you can dream up. 

3. Edit your space to add a small vanity.

Sometimes, rethinking a space is all that’s needed in order to maximize storage and function. This stunning vanity from Jenna Sue Design features wire baskets from IKEA’s Aurdal line. They’re useful for storing extras, while an eye-catching mirror hangs on the wall, creating space for a vanity as well. 

4. Pick pieces that fit your dimensions.

A big key to maximizing your small space is making the most of its dimensions. Kelin from Hydrangea Treehouse used three IKEA TROFAST units for this picture-worthy small storage closet. “First of all, TROFAST has a depth of 12 inches, which is perfect for a standard 24-inch deep closet. The price point is unbeatable too,” says Kelin. “To give it a custom look, I painted them the same color as my closet walls.” That attention to color-matching really takes this hack to the next level.

Credit: Rox Van Del

5. Move a dresser into the closet for extra folded storage.

This is a closet door you’d definitely want to leave open. To maximize the space in her small closet, Rox Van Del chose to add in the IKEA TARVA dresser because of its deep drawers. “I’ve always loved the look of apothecary card catalogues,” says Van Del. “Unfortunately, they are quite pricey.” She decided to draw from that inspiration and used dollar store wood fronts, hardware from Amazon, and a fun paint color to make this TARVA dresser look seriously high-end.

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6. Make mirrors do double-duty.

A lot of closets contain a mirror on the door.  A lot of closets contain jewelry collections. Why not combine them? When Jessica Micallef put her IKEA mirror on the wall (similar to this one), she realized there was a decent amount of space behind it, and decided to put it to good use by storing her jewelry collection behind it. “I love that it looks like a regular mirror on the outside, but when you open it; it has all your treasures behind it,” she says. “Storage that’s practical and pretty gets extra points.”

7. Mix up drawers and shelves to maximize functionality.

This closet that Ceres Mercurio of The Pink Dream created for her daughter using the IKEA PAX wardrobe holds space for drawers, multiple closet rods, shelves for books, as well as a little getting-ready area with a mirror and hair ties—all while looking absolutely adorable. “Closets are often overlooked when decorating, but creating a closet space that is beautiful and functional will inspire you to keep it organized,” says Mercurio.  You can see how she DIYed this hack here.

8. DIY a custom closet with bookshelves.

Is there anything the BILLY bookcase can’t do? Casey Freeburg of Home & Hallow says she longed for a beautiful, custom closet for her nursery, but spending thousands of dollars was out of the question. “So I turned to IKEA, where I used inexpensive white shelving to create my very own DIY custom closet. Now I smile every time I open this closet door,” she says. “Every inch of closet space is utilized and every single item has its own designated spot.”  You can see the inspiring transformation here.

So no more excuses! Your tiny closet can be stunning, functional, and budget-friendly with a few IKEA products and a little creativity.