AT Boston: Boston Design Center - Be a Designer for a Day

  • Location: Boston, MA

We got a lot of posts from our Boston/DC applicants (3 from each), and we got behind. We're going to rip through the last ones today and tomorrow. This is from our Boston finalist, Alyssa . Comment away!

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Make all your fantasies come true with a visit to the Boston Design Center. A converted warehouse on Boston's waterfront is now home to 80 showrooms with 1,200 premium product lines from Ann Sacks to Zaki Rug Collection with everything from Louis XIV antiques to contemporary Asian furniture. Run your hands along the lush fabrics; be wowed by walls of colorful leather swatches; talk with experts about handmade knotted Nepalese silk rugs; but most of all be inspired...

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Chairs, ottomans, and lamp from Baker Knapp & Tubbs

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Mongolian shearling pillow and leather swatches from Furn & Co

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Statue, lamp, and antique Chinese medicine cabinet from Artifacts Collection

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Carpets from Michaelian & Kohlberg and fabric from Webster & Company

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Sinks from Billie Brenner Ltd. (Faucet taps on the La Chapelle sink are by London based Barber Wilson, appointed by Queen Elizabeth II.)

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The many architectural layers of the Boston Design Center

Buyer beware: prices are high but keep a look out for BDC's great biannual Red Tag sale in the spring and the fall. Head over and rub elbows with Boston's design pros. For more information:

- Alyssa

(Thanks, Alyssa!)

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