AT DC: Rckndy - "Sweet Decor" in the U Street Corridor

AT DC: Rckndy - "Sweet Decor" in the U Street Corridor

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 11, 2008

This is from DC finalist, Rachael. Comment away!

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Rckndy (pronounced Rock Candy) offers quirky but practical home decor for small spaces. Although handguns are banned in DC (for now), you can buy ceramic 3-gun vases, single pistol wall vases and surprisingly pleasant smelling Gunpowder Green Tea Candles by Joya and ceramic designer Sarah Cihat...

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If you would rather hide from than decorate with guns, disguise yourself in a self-portrait mirror like the pirate mirror, which has cut-outs to give your reflection an eye-patch and shoulder parrot. Also humorous is this little boy lamp with strategically placed switch - a reportedly popular item with couples expecting baby boys. On the softer side, Rckndy stocks a wide array of pillows, including the Thomas Paul line and this comfortable AU sleeper sofa available in 5 different sizes and various colors.

More must-see in-store items:

- Clearance items, like these wood end tables (hugely discounted).
- A vintage train car to maximize space, perhaps in an entryway or a
large closet.
- The hot pink cabinet behind the register holding large bowls of
candy including, of course, rock candy.

- Rachael G.

(Thanks, Rachael!)

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