Beam & Anchor: A 7,000 Square Foot Haven for Warm Industrial Housewares

Store Profile

  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Specialty: Warm industrial furnishings
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

In the Winter of 2011, Robert and Jocelyn Rahm had a carpe diem moment and decided that life was too short to not pursue their dream. With a passion for great design and the desire to support local makers, Beam & Anchor was born. They found the ideal venue for their vision in a handsome yet neglected 7,000 square foot building amidst an industrial landscape in North Portland. Along the way, they met Currie Person, who has since become an integral partner in the creation of the retail experience. The Beam & Anchor store is comprised of an evolving selection of carefully curated pieces, including custom-made furniture, art, ceramics, jewelry, home goods, and beautifully crafted items for travel, work, and living.

Robert and Jocelyn Rahm have a passion for great designs and an appreciation for the local folks of Portland who make them. Along with Currie Person, they've turned a 7,000 square foot neglected warehouse into working space for local makers and a retail space to showcase their wares.

This is one abandoned warehouse that was lucky to have been given a new life. An oversized building sitting adjacent to noisy train tracks, it could have remained derelict forever if not the Rahm's vision. Beam & Anchor has restored the space to its former glory as a hub for industry. From upholsterers and furniture designs to a soap lab, local makers and designers are housed on the upper floor of the building. Downstairs, in a wonderfully warm industrial space, you'll find their work for sale. There's a sense of pride in this place – not only in the products but in the building as a community. A recent entry on the store's blog sums it up nicely:

Being adjacent to a train yard is one of the many romantic things about working in the Beam & Anchor building. We have become accustomed to the blaring horn signaling an approaching train and it barely phases anyone anymore. Even amidst a steady flow of distractions, the general vibe in the building is one of focus and intention. Our shop remains a buzz with new inventory, new customers and lots of fun events. The businesses upstairs are thriving without exception and it has been a total joy watching the friendships deepen and the collaborations increase as the B&A community continues to establish itself.

For more about Beam & Anchor, visit their store page over at Marketplace.

(Images: Beam & Anchor)