Beautiful Decay: Quirky Original Artwork

Beautiful Decay: Quirky Original Artwork

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 5, 2012

Store History

Making your house interesting and unique can sometimes feel like quite a chore. We stumbled upon a new source for original art that's a little off the wall — Beautiful Decay. Art to the rescue! Original artwork can be difficult to come by and often times I feel like a horrible person walking by an art fair on the street and not being completely drawn to 99% of the things that I see. Plus, let's face it, I like to shop in my pjs instead of in public. So when I saw that Beautiful Decay has handmade, original pieces of art up for sale, well then it was a match made in heaven. Shown Above:The Invisibles by Lyndsey Lesh • Memento Vivere by Allison Sommers • La Piedra by Rual Gonazalez • Permanent Vacation by Ryan Riss • Lets Do This by Emilio Santoyo The artists offered in the Beautiful Decay online shop rotate in and out and there's always something new. The pieces range in size and style, so there's usually something for everyone. • Robin Rice GalleryBlik Surface GraphicsHatch Show Prints (Images: Beautiful Decay)


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