Brahms Mount: Fine Blankets, Throws
& Towels Made in Maine

Store Profile

  • Location: Freeport, Maine & Online
  • Specialty: Blankets, throws and towels
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 1983
  • Founded by: Claudia Brahms
  • Headquarters: Hallowell, Maine

Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature design based on classical elements grounded in tradition. They are familiar, comfortable and full of energy—enveloping the body and naturally flowing with it. Transcending short-lived fashion trends, these fabrics complement every décor, making a distinctive impression in every home. Specially engineered yarns spun from natural fibers produce heirloom-quality products with a soft hand, flowing drape and an untreated clear finish. Woven on antique shuttle looms, handled by seasoned artisans more than fifty times, these fabrics evoke richness and resilience reminiscent of hand-woven textiles. Going on thirty years, customers have been enchanted by the beauty and comfort of Brahms Mount fabrics. With the company poised to deliver exciting new product lines and increase production, Brahms Mount remains devoted to fulfilling the desires of an expanding clientele, as well as to its founding vision—American artisans weaving the finest natural fibers to deliver luxurious fabrics of superior quality and signature design.

Fans of American-made products will want to keep Brahms Mount on their radar. Since 1983 this company has been producing blankets, throws and towels from their Hallowell, Maine facility. And, new for 2013, they've also opened a flagship store in Freeport. The company's president, David Kaufman, sat down with us to answer some questions about the history of Brahms Mount.

Name/Title: David Kaufman/President

When did you open Brahms Mount? Brahms Mount opened its doors in Hallowell in 1983. In 2013, inspired by growing sales and a strong made in America movement, Brahms Mount opened the brand's flagship retail store in Freeport, Maine. Ideally located in an 18th century building, said to be the birthplace of Maine, immediately to the right of Freeport's famous L L Bean flagship store.

What was the inspiration for opening the store? Brahms Mount, in our 30th year, deserved a flagship store to showcase our beautiful line.

Where do are source your merchandise? We are manufacturers of luxury top of bed textiles including blankets, throws and towels using all natural fibers. We weave cotton, linen, alpaca and washable merino wool. Brahms Mount still manufactures these items in a historic granite mill in Hallowell, Maine. In addition to the textiles of Brahms Mount, the retail store also stocks finely crafted home goods. The store will only stock items designed and produced domestically. The goal is to help grow the businesses of other artisans in Maine as well as others located throughout the USA.

What is the current best selling item? Linen throws and towels - our customers love the unique hand, function, durability, and sophisticated appearance of Brahms Mount linen products. Brahms Mount currently claims to be the only textile mill in the USA weaving bedding made of linen, a truly amazing fiber. 

What is YOUR favorite item? Cotton/Alpaca herringbone throw due to the incredibly soft hand. It is a classic herringbone pattern with a 3" scale made using the Brahms Mount cotton as well as alpaca yarn, a long, hollow, wool fiber that traps cold air and increases body temperature.

Other than your own, what is your favorite store? Brown Goldsmiths in Freeport is locally owned and operated and a terrific community supporter that offers exquisite custom jewelry.

For more about Brahm's Mount, visit their store page over at Marketplace.

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