BuoKids: Customizable Lighting
& Art for Kids

Store Profile

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Personalized lighting and prints for kids
  • Price range: ($) Budget
  • Website: buokids.com

Store History

  • Founded by: Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve
  • Headquarters: Valencia, Spain

Buokids is a place to find lamps to illuminate the role spaces dedicated to children. We propose designs that allow you to customize the lamps. The perfect gift. Buokids arises from the need to go for the things we belive in through creativity and children’s world. This is a Roberto Celada’s and Raquel Esteve’s personal project, members of “rqrstudio”, and of course Angela, Carlos and Daniel. They are our inspiration and they give the nod our products. We want to contribute to a world based on values such as respect, cooperation, sustainability and imagination with our work. For this reason all of our products are designed from the respect for the environment.

The paper pendant lights at BuoKids are colorful, playful, and, best of all, customizable. Mixing and matching patterns, colors and designs (and even lettering!), there's a lamp for every kid and every decor. Their prints are the same — simple, beautiful, and personalized so that you can make them your own!

The makers behind BuoKids express a strong desire to meet the needs of creative parents and kids, and to also be environmentally responsible. Located in Valencia, Spain, BuoKids ships worldwide, and orders can be made through their site, or through their shop on etsy. The imaginative prints and lamps are beautiful enough for any kid's (or adult's!) decor, and at this price point, you could order two shades and swap them out for a change of pace.

(Images: BuoKids)