Busy-Being: Limited-Edition, Artisan-Made

Store Profile

  • Location: Austin, TX and online
  • Specialty: An online store and gallery focusing on limited edition and artisan made products.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website: busy-being.com

Store History

  • Founded: 2004
  • Founded by: Amber Abramson
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Busy-Being is a small company, created by me, Amber Abramson in 2004, for all of us busy people who prefer to function from home. No longer a 9-5er, I spend most of my time writing and responding to emails and when I'm not doing that I have been filling up my time working with artists on a few great upcoming (and past) exhibitions, various and / or random projects. The rest of the time I am busy being a mother, a girlfriend, an entrepreneur, a friend, a fan, lover of pets. Most of the product carried on this site is made by friends, associates and other respected artists. As Busy-Being grows, I will carry more exclusive product and more product for the home - where it all begins. I hope you enjoy the site, come back any time! Amber Abramson is a curator from Los Angeles, whom recently relocated to Austin, TX in the summer of 2011. After studying fashion design and product development at the Fashion Institute of San Francisco, she became the gallery director and buyer for fourxfour, a small gallery, book and clothing store in Los Angeles and sister gallery to the 222 Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. The space focused on the work of an international group of young, up and coming, artists. Some years later, Abramson left the gallery and started Busy-Being.com, an online store / gallery focusing on limited edition and artisan made products created by the artists and friends she has worked and continues to work with. In addition to Busy-Being, she has curated over 40 exhibitions for galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Mexico City, including special projects for Nike, inc. She is currently the Associate Director of New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, where she has been working side by side (and now from her home in Austin) with owner, Marsea Goldberg since 2007.

Busy-Being's owner Amber Abramson occupies a cute corner of the web and of Austin, and strikes a balance between being an intimate art gallery sprinkled with talented gems as well as a carefully curated store you love to see but hate to visit too often (for fear of spending all your money).

The physical Austin location started as a pop-up shop around the holidays last year, and Busy-Being is officially here to stay. Where it stays is rather adorable: located in a tiny back room of the popular design book store and art gallery Domy Books on the East Side of Austin. Amber might not have a huge inventory, but what she does have packs a mean punch.

From Los Angeles, Amber made a name for herself in the art world running hip art galleries, and is still associate director of the New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Busy-Being started online in 2004 as a place for Amber to sell the amazing work of her friends and those great artists she discovered. After a visit to Austin in 2008, Amber just thought Austin felt right, and finally moved here permanently in 2011.

Having worked with artists for over a decade, she has a long list of talented folks to call on when filling her tiny spot, but she goes with the work of clever artists, talented jewelry makers and a slew of home decor creators. She estimates she represents about 20 designers and artists in the store, and about 50 or so on the website. Everything in the store is handmade by someone she knows, and we think that's just such a lovely thing.

Pop in yourself to discover amazing hand-dyed quilts by Ashley Thayer, Japanese indigo shibori dyed blankets by Lookout & Wonderland, hand-printed table runners, baskets, art by Amber herself, hanging plant holders and more.

For more about Busy-Being visit their store page over at Marketplace.

(Images: Adrienne Breaux)

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