Dyson Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1970
  • Founded by: James Dyson
  • Headquarters: Malmsbury, Wiltshire

In the late 1970s Dyson had the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner that would not lose suction as it picked up dirt. He became frustrated with his Hoover Junior’s diminishing performance: dust kept clogging the bag and so it lost suction. The idea of the cyclones came from the spray-finishing room's air filter in his Ballbarrow factory. While partly supported by his wife's salary as an art teacher, and after five years and many prototypes, Dyson launched the 'G-Force' cleaner in 1983. However, no manufacturer or distributor would launch his product in the UK as it would disturb the valuable market for replacement cleaner-bags, so Dyson launched it in Japan through catalogue sales.[2] Manufactured in bright pink, the G-Force had a selling price of £2,000 (British equivalent). It won the 1991 International Design Fair prize in Japan. He obtained his first U.S. patent on the idea in 1986 (U.S. Patent 4,593,429). </br></br> After failing to sell his invention to the major manufacturers, Dyson set up his own manufacturing company. In June 1993 he opened his research centre and factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The product now outsells those of some of the companies that rejected his idea and has become one of the most popular brands in the United Kingdom.[citation needed] In early 2005 it was reported that Dyson cleaners had become the market leaders in the United States by value (though not by number of units sold). Note that the US was introduced to Dyson when root cyclone was implemented, so in the US there were no sales of the DC01 - DC05 Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaners. The Dyson Dual Cyclone became the fastest selling vacuum cleaner ever to be made in the UK.[citation needed]

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