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  • Founded: 1967
  • Founded by: Alan McDonough and Robert Furst
  • Headquarters: Peterborough, NH

Eastern Mountain Sports was born out of pure passion for outdoor adventure. It all started in 1967 when two Massachusetts rock climbers decided to do something about the lack of quality climbing gear in traditional sporting goods stores. Alan McDonough and Robert Furst opened a single store in Wellesley, MA selling the climbing rope and harneses they couldn't find anywhere else, along with a hand-picked selection of camping equipment that could be efficiently carried deep into the wilderness and trusted to perform. As the customers came, so did the need for qualified climbing instruction for both beginner rock climbers looking to getting started, and experienced alpinists seeking new challenges. Less than a year after opening the first store, Alan and Robert started Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School in North Conway, NH - now the oldest climbing school in the East.

We love checking out camping stores for tech gear, since they tend to carry a lot of portable and indestructable stuff. Eastern Mountain Sports, based in New England, is a good resource for tough iPhone cases, solar-powered chargers, LED lanterns, and portable radios.

They have brick-and-mortar stores along the eastern mountain coast (hence the name), from Virginia to Maine, but they also have a good e-commerce site with all their products posted online. We've rounded up a few practical finds.

  1. OtterBox iPhone Case, $40
  2. IMAINGO2 Portable Speaker, $40
  3. ETON Solarlink FR360 Radio, Eco Edition, $50
  4. Essential Gear Dynamo LED Lantern, $35
  5. Solio Hybrid Solar Charger, $100

As a camping store, Eastern Mountains has products outside the realm of tech. Maxwell posted their Mammut Moses Wiregate Carabiner as one of his Daily Finds, and their bike section is definitely worth checking out if you're a cyclist.

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