Everitt & Schilling Tile: Handmade Wood Tiles

Store Profile

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Handmade American wood tiles made from up-cycled and reclaimed material.
  • Price range: ($$$) High-End
  • Website: eandstile.com

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: Fort Collins, Colorado

Everitt & Schilling Co. started out of a desire to find the most innovative and exceptional tile anywhere in the world. The creators of our Fine Tile Company wanted to add innovative and unique products to their homebuilding and interior design companies. After using the traditional methods of finding tiles through large vendors, Everitt & Schilling Co. decided to find a better way to get the most innovative and beautiful tiles anywhere available. Using small vendors and tile artisans, Everitt & Schilling Co. are able to find tiles that other vendors don’t usually carry. In many cases, like their Re-Grained ™ line of Decorative Wood Tile, they were never satisfied with the products that were available and found a way to manufacture their very own exclusive tile.

We just love the warmth and texture of a gorgeous modern room with wood floors, walls, ceilings or all three! Normally seen in long, board shape, we've come across some folks upcycling reclaimed wood to create stunning wood tiles that anyone could use in the home.

We are so in love with these tiles made of wood. With their uniform shapes they certainly create clean, geometric lines, but because the tiles are made from old barns and scrap material from cabinet and door makers, the surfaces are rough, uneven, unique and wonderful. Things we love that we've spotted: a cute 4"x4" square tile made from old barn wood and also their "Trail Mix" tile which features long, smooth stripes of thin wood tiles. We love the applications on whole walls, but if you're just looking for a punch of nature, you could use some of these as a back splash or in a small area to create a warm accent. More information can definitely be found on their website. You can also purchase tile through their Etsy site.

For more about Everitt & Schilling Tile Co., visit their store page over at Marketplace.

Re-edited from a post originally published 12.09.2011 - JEL

Images: Everitt & Schilling Tile Co.