Famille Summerbelle: Playful Accessories for Modern Kids of All Ages

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  • Founded by: Simon Summerscales and Julie Marabelle
  • Headquarters: London

The inspiration for the business comes from the combination of family life experiences and a love of design and interior decoration. It started as a way of creating the things that we wanted for our own home. La Famille Summerbelle is perfectly split between France and the UK. We really love both cultures, and as we develop the dual base continues to provide us with creative inspiration and excitement. All of our products are imagined and designed by Julie. Her background is a mix of Fine Art (which she studied in Paris), and Theatre Set Design (which she studied at St Martin's in London). It yields a balance of both artisanal skill and an understanding of dramatic backdrop. Simon is managing director, and comes from a background in advertising having worked for the world's largest independent advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy. He has worked internationally with brands such as Nike, Honda, Nokia and the Guardian Media Group. Famille Summerbelle is now a global brand, but we are still very much a family business. We care about who makes our products and where they are made. We are also keen that we do not contribute to the world's excessive waste. We would like to grow in a sustainable way.

While pregnant with her first child, Julie Marabelle found herself designing art and accessories for her new baby's room. Since that time she and her husband, Simon Summerscales, launched their own company, Famille Summerbelle, selling Julie's adorable designs on a line of accessories intended for children but smart enough for adults.

As they say on the About Us page of their site, "Famille Summerbelle is perfectly split between France and the UK." This statement is both fact – Julie is French and Simon is English – and also an apt description of the couple's style.

With her background in fine art and set design, Julie is the creative force behind Famille Summerbelle, while Simon, with a background in advertising, runs the business side. And just as their daughter, Ophelia, was the inspiration for launching the brand, new designs are influenced by her as well. The paper cut collection, for example, was Julie's way of creating art that would also teach.

Shown Above:
Alphabet "Where's M?" A perfect prints for a child's room, each letter has a matching image in the box. Except M - it's hiding.
Morning in Manhattan Wallpaper Printed in the UK with hand mixed non-toxic water based ink on 100% renewably sourced FSC certified paper. $72
Boom le Clown Mug Fine Bone China, made with love in The Potteries (United Kingdom). $19.20
New York Black Paper Cut A paper cut map of New York – also available for Paris, London and San Francisco. $192
Children Farandole Ribbon Tape Adhesive tap for gifts and DIY projects, made in the UK. $11.20

(Images: Famille Summerbelle)

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