Friendly Toys: Timeless Wooden Toys

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Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania

The idea of making toys was not planned. After our daughter was born we started looking for safe, natural and beautiful toys. Unfortunately, these qualities could not be found in commercial toys. Frankly speaking, our toy-making story began with the idea “but we could make it better…” and step by step we started creating our own wooden toy story. The first time we showed our wooden creations to the world was at a traditional craft fair. Happily we had a great success there and we decided to continue. We opened the Friendly Toys shop approximately six months after our debut.

The creators behind Friendly Toys initially started out on their toymaking journey when their first child was born. Looking for simple, healthy, handmade toys, they became frustrated when they couldn't find exactly what they had in mind and had the idea to make a few things themselves. Soon they showed a few of their toys at a local craft fair, and the rest is history!

Using only earth- and kid-safe materials such as birchwood, raw linseed oil, and milk paints, the creators of Friendly Toys are concerned with the health of your child as well as the health of the environment. From whimsical little airplanes, to wooden families, to fish teethers, these little toys will delight kids and adults alike.

(Images: Friendly Toys)