Greenhouse Eco-Friendly Living

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Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Wilsey Wolf and Toni Nicolo
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Wilsey and Toni opened Greenhouse as a means of bringing products into people’s homes that are not only beautiful, but are eco-friendly. They realized that one doesn’t need to sacrifice comfort and beauty in order to make environmentally-friendly choices. In fact, they learned that some of the most perfect and luxurious products were so, because they maintained their natural integrity. Toni and Wilsey appreciate that every purchase is an investment in the values of the company that produces it. Therefore they are proud to support companies that are dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible practices. Every item offered at Greenhouse is specifically chosen because not only does it meet a precise aesthetic, it was created through ethically and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

I recently had the pleasure of stopping in at Greenhouse, a boutique-style shop dedicated to making luxury green house wares available to Brooklynites. Founders Wilsey and Toni were on hand to speak with me about setting up shop over a year and a half ago:

Just as the economy was taking a nosedive, these two ladies were venturing out to fill a niche in Brooklyn shopping. With a mind toward providing luxury green goods in a wide price range, Greenhouse was born and flourished. Their ultimate goal? To dispel the idea that one must sacrifice to be green. By setting an example, their shop proves that green is anything but a sacrifice.

Stop in to peruse their hand-selected offerings in a natural, stylish setting: From small items like recycled wine bottle glasses and beautiful linen table napkins, to large like Cisco Brothers sustainable sofas and FSC-certified dining room tables. Or, shop online right here.

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