In Stolen Moments: Hand-Dyed &
Hand-Printed Goods

Store Profile

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Hand-dyed and printed shirts, bags, and housewares.
  • Price range: ($) Budget
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Danielle

With two little ones under foot, my large blocks of uninterrupted time have disappeared, but my desire to create has not. Now I create in the stolen moments of each day. While I often create using a wide variety of tools - spinning wheel, sewing machine, knitting needles - I have been spending most of my time recently with a sketchbook and pencil, linoleum block and cutters, ink and brayer. Each day is a new one and holds an opportunity to make something, even if it is just a single sketch. My children are my muse. Right now I take great delight from being considered a magician of sorts by my toddler. He generally proclaims what he would like to have on his next shirt and then is so surprised to find that his dream became reality. Peek around at the prints I have listed and see if anything can find a place in your home or on the back of a little one you know. Also, check me out at my blog or on Facebook where I muse about many things; life, motherhood, making.

Danielle didn't start out creating prints to sell — she originally just created for herself and her family. But as fate would have it, she listed a few things on Etsy several years ago and the rest is history! Her simple, whimsical designs in earthy, basic colors are refreshing and classic.

Like a lot of moms who work from home, Danielle carves out time whenever she can to work on her own pursuits. Inspired by her children and their imagination, she designs, carves, and prints all of her original designs one by one, and keeps her store stocked full of ready-to-buy items and also accepts custom orders. The block print format of her designs makes a bold impression, but it's softened by her playful images and thoughtful words.

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