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  • Founded by: Kate Thomas
  • Headquarters: Yazoo City, MS

In 2007 I started life. I was 27 years old working in the corporate offices of a bank going nowhere. I left my job and went back to get my second undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Mississippi State University. I had not taken an art class since I was eleven. I didn’t even know there were different weights of pencils. I did this because life is too short to not spend it doing what you want to do. You only get one shot at it. I feel like I got my life back. I’ve never been happier.

Location: Online
Specialty: Art Prints
Price Range: ($) Budget

New Year's resolutions often fall by the wayside as quickly as they came in. Need a little help and encouragement to stay true to yourself? Try hanging it on your wall. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kate Thomas of Little Things Studio at the fabulous Renegade Craft Fair. Her spirit is as lovely as her prints, which combine carefully culled quotes with her own lush designs.

Truth be told, I'm not usually an inspirational quotes kind of gal, but Little Things Studio has officially made a convert. Kate also has an incredible 2013 calendar too, appropriately titled "365 Days of Sunshine." In addition to her quote-based prints, Kate has a series of vibrant, colorful prints based on American quilts.

(Images: Little Things Studio)

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