InSpitalfields: London's Eclectic Home Store

Store Profile

  • Location: Spitalfields Market, London
  • Specialty: Eclectic Home Furnishings, Accessories, and Gifts
  • Price range: ($) Budget - ($$$) High-End
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 1995
  • Founded by: Fiona Hannafin
  • Headquarters: Old Spitalfields Market

After traveling the world, founder Fiona Hannafin wanted to bring her unique finds and treasures to the homes of the British. Hannafin and her talented creative team scour the world for unique and out of the ordinary pieces that liven up the homes and enhancing the lifestyles of their customers.

London's East End has become a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. What was once a run down area famous for Jack the Ripper has turned into a treasure chest of boutiques and thriving independent stores. Taking inspiration from the edgy creativity fostered in the East End is the eclectic home store InSpitalfields.

InSpitalfields features affordable antiques, vintage inspired furnishings, and a vast range of design-worthy home accessories. InSpitalfields was started in 1995 by Fiona Hannafin, a British woman with a dream to liven up homes with a carefully curated mix of unusual and out of the ordinary pieces. Taking inspiration from the cutting edge of creativity that thrives in the East End, Hannafin and her creative team source many products and artwork from local designers. InSpitalfields is also a must stop for its wide range of stationary and fanciful gifts.

Images: Claire Bock

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