Jaboneria Marianella Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Marianella Febres - Cordero & David Foote
  • Headquarters: Plano, TX

Jabonería Marianella Soaps began in 2007 when published author and graphic designer Marianella Febres - Cordero collaborated with her son, fine artist and filmmaker David Foote. Natives of Venezuela, the mother and son duo were inspired to revisit a time-honored family tradition -- a craft that Marianella once learned in her mother’s kitchen with her sisters -- the delicate art of creating natural soap. Combining David’s artistic talent and Marianella’s nose for nostalgic fragrances from the old country, the two have carefully selected natural ingredients for a line of products that are as stylish for the bath as they are beneficial to your skin.