John Derian Company, Inc.

John Derian Company, Inc.

Cambria Bold
Jan 14, 2009

Welcome to the colorful world of John Derian. We find that people are always surprised and intoxicated by what a lovely little world is being created behind John Derian's doors. Charmed by the ambiance and the rich array, customers usually fall in love pretty quickly. It's practically sensory overload, in the best sense...

Specializing in his own decoupage glassware, John Derian also carries antiques and vintage items from around the world. Moroccan poufs sit alongside Turkish glass ornaments, vintage postcards, and whimsical paper mache dolls. John Derian's Dry Goods store (right down the street from his original decoupage store) carries imported textiles and linens from designers such as Lisa Corti and John Robshaw.

*John Derian's Dry Goods store is located at 10 East 2nd Street (between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery), right down the street from the John Derian Company store. Tel: 212.677.8408

(Edited from this post originally published 11.28.05)

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