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  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

LatticeStix is based in sunny, chilly, but generally pleasant San Francisco, California. Our team has a background in engineering, woodworking, marketing, and international business. At LatticeStix we have endeavored to create appealing designs that run the style gamut from staid to modern; suitable for a glass box, a shingle bungalow, a ranch home, or a Chinese temple. We have modified modern manufacturing methods to reduce the cost of assembly and allow any home owner to afford great looking lattice.

Lattice has long been the handy resolution to a multitude of outdoor problems. It can provide a support for a climbing plant (that in turn screens out something ugly). It can extend the height of a too short fence. It can cover the ugly area under the deck or a house extension, perhaps be the roof of a pergola and even be the basis of a gate.

The lattice that you find at the hardware store is generally a short term, high maintenance, basic and boring solution. Typically, is it is quite poorly made (staples and slats) from materials that aren't made to last ... not to mention that you're stuck with is just the standard 'X' pattern.

Lattice Stix, on the other hand, is a beautiful solution for all kinds of screening, fencing and trellising needs. It is made well, and to last, with real blind pin and pin lock joints from either oiled cedar or mahogany. But the best part is the plethora of patterns. There is something to match most any house style or taste, taking the outdoor problem solver product to a whole new level of design interest.

images from Studio'g' Blog, Lattice Stix.

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