Michael McHale: Industrial Chic Lighting

Store Profile

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: One-of-a-kind industrial chic lighting
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range - ($$$) High-End
  • Website: michaelmchaledesigns.com/home

Store History

  • Founded by: Michael McHale

Michael McHale walked into a design store one day to purchase a light fixture for his New York apartment. Unimpressed with either the materials or the message of what was on offer, he thought he could do a better job himself. What he ended up making proved to be more interesting than he had hoped. His choice of materials — industrial pipes and fittings drenched in fine crystal — conveyed a powerful message of what is capable of beauty when considered properly. The work became an affirmation of what’s possible– much like McHale’s own late artistic blooming.

Michael McHale's lighting is a unique mix of industrial style and cool elegance. By pairing plumbing pipe fittings with crystal embellishments, Michael has created light fixtures that walk the line between bohemian and luxury.

Michael McHale was an entertainment lawyer who made an unexpected career leap to lighting designer. While searching for a light fixture for his own apartment, McHale was disenchanted with the options available. When he set out to create his own fixture, he came up with the basis for his current designs - lamps that combine industrial plumbing pipe and fittings with luxurious crystals. McHale's chandeliers create an interesting juxtaposition - the hardness of the the steel pipes with the fragility and beauty of glimmering crystal pieces.

In addition to Michael McHale's higher end custom pieces, the designer has recently introduced his Tribeca Collection, which is priced for the retail market.

Images: Michael McHale Designs