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Milano Smart Living offers sophisticated, space-saving furnishings made in Italy. The retailer's high-end and beautifully made sofa beds, wall beds, and expandable tables will be transforming how Manhattan apartment dwellers think about small spaces--"transformation" actually a chief component of the company's design DNA.

When we think of modern, space saving furniture, the first name that comes to mind is Ikea. The big blue box can be a big help, especially when first starting out, but when it's time to trade up to nicer quality furniture, where should you turn? If you're in the New York area and if you've got the budget for it, Milano Smart Living has a wonderful selection of modern, Italian-made furniture.

Space saving and convertible furniture does not have to be cheaply made and temporary - something we've all grown accustom to with Ikea. Quite the contrary – there's beautifully crafted furniture out there that is made to last a lifetime. From sofa beds to wall units and every accessory in between, all the items in Milano Smart Living's showroom have dual purposes. And unlike cheaper versions, these Italian-made items are built to last, with easy open operation and quality workings.

Shown above;
• A sample vignette from the Milano Smart Living showroom in the New York Design Centre.
• The Minuetto Table transforms from slim console table to large dining table in no time.
• The Constans folds up neatly on the wall by day – even giving you a peg board for office duties – and turns into bunk beds at night.
• The Portofino Sofa Bed folds out, cushions and all, to create a comfortable bed.
• The Drink Tray handsomely turns the arm of a sofa into a table.

(Images: Milano Smart Living)

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