Modern Art Etc.

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Emerging & Established Artists and Photographers
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range - ($$$) High-End
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: November 2012
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles

Founded and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, Modern Art Etc. is dedicated to representing emerging and established artists within two main artistic focuses - contemporary photography and art. We represent a range of international artists, many of whom have received some of the world's most prestigious international awards. In many cases the artists share an experimental, conceptual approach to photography or art as a means of artistic expression, or are recognized for their artistic vision and technique.

The folks behind Modern Art Etc. want to bring artists who have had critical and commercial success abroad to an American audience. Based in LA but operating as a web-only gallery, Modern Art Etc. is ideal for the burgeoning collector who has a few hundred bucks to drop on a rising name in the art world. 


Ivy Tan/
Managing and Creative Director

Open date: Modern Art Etc gallery was launched at the end of November 2012. 

Inspiration for opening:  Modern Art Etc gallery's mission is to showcase artists who are winning international awards or are very collectible/established in their home countries (in the US or elsewhere), who are not yet well known in the US. For example, we are showcasing a young Chinese sculptor Xie Ai Ge who is critically recognized in Asia and Europe and is starting to be collected in the US. Her sculptures are highly sought after and collected and likely to gain more recognition in the US. We also represent several award winning US photographers where we exclusively showcase their award winning prints.

Art source: We primarily work directly with the contemporary artists themselves and source from the artists' studios, thus offering the best possible prices. We do in some cases work with partner galleries, but prices are highly competitive. Also, working with our partner galleries in Los Angeles, we currently offer classic prints from famous collections such as Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Marc Chargall.

Your favorite item: For the photographs, the truth is that each artist's style is truly unique and many of them are critically acclaimed, and have been chosen by an international body of judges to win prestigious awards. A few have exhibited internationally. For art in general, what counts is this: which art has moved or inspired you or brought you peace and tranquility, that looking at it makes you happy?

Favorite gallery (other than your own): Voila Gallery in Los Angeles, which is our partner gallery for quality artisan framing. The owner designs one-off whimsical magical furniture and decor pieces that is divine and truly unique.

(Images: Modern Art Etc.)