Authentic Design Classics at Discounted Prices

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  • Founded: Nate Green
  • Founded by: 2011
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

We sell floor samples, customer returns and overstock of only authentic classics at a great discount. We are a super way to get a licensed product and not pay full price.

For fans of modern design classics who may not have the budget to match their dreams, Nate Green feels your pain. While studying for his Masters in Architecture, Nate often found that his tastes didn't match his budget. About a year ago, Nate launched, an e-commerce site that connects budget sensitive customers to floor samples and overstock of modern design classics.

Unlike a lot of lower cost modern design stores on the web, offers authentic designer pieces at reduced prices. How? By working with high end collectors and retailers, scores items that are brand new overstock and floor samples with slight damage. So as long as you're not afraid of a few scratches, that Saarinen table you've had your eye on can be yours ... without settling for a knock-off. (Each item on the site includes a description of any damage.) receives new shipments weekly so the inventory is constantly evolving. In addition, they're working on contracts with a few high end department stores that should bring a flood of new products to the site in the near future. On a recent visit to the site, I spied these discounted goods:

Top Row:
Saarinen Womb Chair $4,299
Original French Industrial Desk from the 1920's $1,399

Middle Row:
Vintage Bertoia Diamond Chair $999
Vintage Art Deco Side Table $999
Walz Cork Chair $1,999

Top Row:
Lovegrove Table with Rare Bamboo Top $2,699
Aalto a338 (Billberry) Pendant $249
Nelson Turbine Clock $379

For more about, visit their store page over at Marketplace.