Organized Rooms by Platt Dana Architects

  • Location: New York, NY

Store History

  • Founded by: Hope Dana and Kate Platt
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

Platt Dana Architects draws on the strengths of principals Hope Dana and Kate Platt to achieve its signature mix of classic and modern design. The firm’s philosophy is rooted in finding elegant and timeless solutions to a broad range of complex architectural projects. Each project’s logical design resolution makes sense of the often conflicting initial constraints imposed by site conditions, building codes, functional requirements, and aesthetic goals.

New York-based architects Hope Dana and Kate Platt understand the beauty of the built-in. Their residential work — which includes an impressive series of East Coast apartments, town houses, and country homes — balances classical symmetry with modernist utilitarianism, and the results are rational and beautiful.

Whether working in a small space (like the nook in photo #1) or a large open-plan room (like photo #10), the architects make consistent use of wall-to-wall shelving. Sometimes it's open — allowing rows of books to lend color and personality to a room, and sometimes it's closed — particularly in tight spaces or kitchens where hidden storage helps to create a sense of cleanliness and calm.

In every instance, these rooms feel carefully considered, and every detail seems tailor-made to the needs of the space.

West Side Apartment 1 — New York, NY
West Side Apartment 3 — New York, NY
Brooklyn Heights Apartment — New York, NY
Upper West Side Townhouse 1 — New York, NY
West Side Apartment 2 — New York, NY

Photos: Platt Dana Architects