Poo Poo Paper: Odorless Paper Products

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  • Founded: 2002
  • Founded by: Michael Flancman
  • Headquarters: Thailand

The spirit and passion behind our products is rooted in our belief that our products represent a healthy and sustainable balance between ecological responsibility and commercial pursuit. We need more of that on our planet in our opinion! We also love the fact that our products would enable us a vehicle in which to directly contribute modestly to the welfare and conservation efforts for endangered elephants. We also really find it incredibly amusing (as do many others!) that we sell poo for a living - a notion that allows us to not take ourselves too seriously too much of the time...!

There is an elephant in the room on Re-Nest today, and it comes in the form of paper products made from…you guessed it – poo. Read on, Re-Nesters, we promise this post won’t stink.

In 2002, founder Michael Flancman saw a business opportunity in an unusual resource – elephant poo. Seeing great potential in a material with little use elsewhere, Flancman built a sustainable business that not only created jobs, but now directs profits to a worthy cause.

How does it work? Every week, the fibrous poo is collected from an elephant conservation farm in Thailand. After being thoroughly rinsed and boiled, it is then mixed with other natural materials like pineapple plants. Once pressed and dried, the result is a collection of beautiful, Poo Poo Paper products in the form of journals, stationary and note cards.

With a portion of the profits going to support elephant welfare and conservation, your purchase will be a small help to an enormous friend.

Visit the Poo Poo Paper Store at poopoopaper.com to learn more about their products, as well as their unique fundraising opportunities.

(Images: Courtesy of Poo Poo Paper)