Postcards from Provence: Julian Merrow-Smith

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  • Founded: 2004
  • Founded by: Julian Merrow-Smith
  • Headquarters: Provence, France

Postcard from Provence is a daily diary in paintings by British artist Julian Merrow-Smith, following the changing seasons of his adopted home in the Vaucluse, in the South of France. His still life paintings are inspired by objets trouvés, pottery and seasonal produce from the local markets whilst many of his landscape paintings represent scenes within walking distance of his studio.


I found the British painter, Julian Merrow Smith, via the NYTimes a few years back and blogged him here: Postcards from Provence. Inspired by Duane Keiser's "A Painting a Day" site, and his move to southern France in 2004, Julian has been painting and posting every day since from his home in Crillon le Brave, a tiny Provençal hill village at the foot of the Mont Ventoux...


Call it paintblogging or whatever you want, not only are his paintings stunning (and small, they are all painted on gessoed postcards), they are available for purchase immediately via auction (for the original) or as a print. Prices range from $50-$90 for a print and in the hundreds for the originals...but you have to WIN the auction, which makes it all the more interesting.


In a world where art has become largely machine-made, the daily arrival of Julian's work, fresh from his easel, is inspiration in itself. But Postcards from Provence is also a tremendous "will exercise," and simply viewing his work may prompt you to get artistic yourself and/or resume your own daily practice.

I urge you to check him out at his website, which has another name:
And here's his main site:



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