Real Sliding Hardware: Barn Door Kits

Real Sliding Hardware: Barn Door Kits

Jason Loper
Oct 19, 2012

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Barn doors can be a great addition to a room — whether you're replacing an existing standard door, creating privacy where there's only a doorway or simply adding some architectural charm. Real Sliding Hardware sells barn door kits, complete with door, as well as individual hardware and accessories.

The word "barn door" may conjure images of country decor and, well, barns, but of course sliding doors need not look rustic. As you can see in some of the installations from Real Sliding Hardware's Inspiration Gallery, barn doors can be modern and sleek. In addition to the traditional black barn door hardware, Real Sliding Hardware also offers modern stainless steel options. You can purchase one of their complete door kits or pick up hardware for an existing door. Ready, set, DIY!

(Images: Real Sliding Hardware)

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