Sea Otter Woodworks

Sea Otter Woodworks

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 5, 2007

Store History

  • Headquarters: Haines, AK

Wooden tubs for indoor or outdoor. We found Sea Otter Woodworks through friends who built an outdoor hot tub kit, but wanted to blog them because they also do beautiful indoor tubs as well.

Sea Otter makes stunning cedar hot tubs in round and eliptical shapes and many sizes. They also sell all the gear you need to heat them, cover them, filter them, you name it. Being up in Alaska, they know what they're doing in this area.

They also make traditional Japanese Ofuros:

After traveling in Japan, we fell in love with their traditional deep baths known as furos or ofuros. We took time and learned about the traditional Japanese wooden bath - an object of beauty and a quiet place to cleanse the soul.

We've looked for Japanese soaking tubs before and had a hard time. In small apartment these can be a great solution, and the wood Sea Otter uses makes them luxurious. Sea Otter Woodworks.

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