Sprout: Easy to Assemble Kids Furniture

Store Profile

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Flat pack kids furniture made in the USA.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website: sprout-kids.com

Store History

Sprout children’s furniture is designed to be more than just furniture; it’s a medium of creativity, a medium of discovery. The play room or nursery becomes a stimulating environment where kids learn from and explore the world around them. Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." It is this simplicity that Sprout strives to achieve in its modern kids furniture.

You may be familiar with the scene: you've come home with flat pack furniture for your child's room and banished them so they won't hear you swearing while you try to assemble it. There must be a better way! Maybe even a way that will let the kids get involved.

Clark Davis grew up around a cabinet shop, often spending time in his father's growing up. After a series of moves, and inspired by his childhood love of Legos, Clark came up with the concept for Sprout kids furniture. Requiring no hardware or tools, the chairs, tables and shelves from Sprout can be assembled with ease. You can even get your kids in on the fun.

Getting the kids involved with the assembly is actually the intention. It's part of Clark's effort to inspire kids with design and building – the way he was inspired by Legos and his parents' encouragement to tinker and explore. As Davis says…

Sprout's philosophy, play.think.grow, is based on the belief that we learn by interacting with our surroundings, so we should create surroundings that lend themselves to interacting with. To some furniture is a fixture. To us it is a toy. It is a way of interacting and learning.

(Images: Sprout)