SuperME: Superhero Bags for Kids

Store Profile

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Superhero backpacks and lunch bags
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded by: Daphne Kaufer and Rena Stern
  • Headquarters: San Francisco

SuperME was developed by two super moms – Daphne Kaufer and Rena Stern. The inspiration for SuperME came from their children, who loved dressing up and carrying their own bags to school, parks, day trips, or for vacation. Daphne and Rena wanted to create functional products that are fun to play with and reflected the uniqueness of each child. After numerous play dates and a lot of hard work, SuperME was born. <br><br> The SuperME cape backpack came about when Daphne’s son asked for a superhero backpack. Not wanting to give him the standard, commercial product that everyone else has, Daphne came up with the cape backpack - making her son his own superhero.<br><br> The SuperME messenger bag was inspired by Rena’s daughter, who loved carrying her lunch to school, but would often leave the bag at home or ask Rena to hold onto it so she could run and play. Wanting to provide her a fun, hands-free way to carry lunch and gear, the messenger bag was created.<br><br> Both moms wanted the products to celebrate each child in a fun, meaningful and sustainable way. Inspired by the traditional Girl and Boy Scout achievement patches, Daphne and Rena came up with SuperME patches as a way to personalize the bags. Their hope is SuperME will in some small way, help encourage children to be proud of who they are and be accepting of others. And by making it easy to update the look of the bag with new patches, they hope SuperME will do its part to help the environment by reducing the number of products that are thrown away just because kids get bored of them.<br> <br> SuperME products are designed in San Francisco, and manufactured to the highest quality standards in Taiwan at ISO 9001 certified, family-owned and operated factories. Daphne and Rena have spent time at the various factories seeing first hand how well the workers are treated and the quality conditions they work in.

It's tough being a superhero when school cuts into your crime-fighting, and especially when the cafeteria is serving something totally gross. Luckily there are backpacks and lunch bags that are perfect for the superhero getting an education!

SuperME was created by two moms, Daphne Kaufer and Rena Stern, who were looking for something just a little bit different for their little superheroes. They wanted to create bags that were imaginative yet functional, and most of all, beloved by the kids who carried them. The idea of a backpack with a cape was born — and soon after, a lunch bag and utility belt combo. With add-on accessories such as masks and patches, these bags are customizable and just so much fun. Daphne and Rena are committed to quality and sustainability, and their business practices reflect that. SuperME bags are the perfect school or travel accessory for mini-superheroes everywhere!

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