TreeHouse: Smart Building. Better Living

Store Profile

  • Location: multiple locations
  • Specialty: Smart building products based on health, performance and sustainability.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Greg King
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Smart building focuses on savings, health and ecology, which leads to better living. At TreeHouse, “green” or “sustainable” isn’t just about labels or certifications. To us, it’s about helping people find solutions that allow them to live healthier, more efficiently and more sustainably. It’s that simple. Everything we do is with that in mind. Whether it’s products, services, advice and instruction or choosing vendor partners, we run it through a filter of four core virtues: Health – does it create a healthy living space? Performance – will it save money, use less energy and be long-lasting? Sustainability – is it made from responsible materials and will it minimize negative effects on environmental health? Corporate Responsibility – do we partner with companies whose manufacturing and HR policies are admirable?

Austin residents now have an alternative to the larger, more well-known hardware stores: TreeHouse. Built on the principles of providing healthy, sustainable, affordable and long-lasting products for the home, residents with all sorts of projects will be able to find what they need here.

Housed in an ample-sized store in South Austin, TreeHouse seems to have it all. Along with building supplies like flooring, countertops, lumber, doors, windows and tools, they also carry an array of healthy options for paints and stains, plenty of plants for your outdoor needs and even healthier cleaning supplies, too. They also carry plenty of choices when it comes to smart technology like programmable thermostats and home automation. And they don't just expect you to know about everything; they offer a central idea center for help with their products as well as education stations around the store.

Images: TreeHouse Facebook page