Vermont Country Store

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This is where old products go to die -- but in a completely good way! All of the stuff you remember your parents using when you were a child, products that seemed to mysteriously disappear by the time you were a teenager, are to be found at Vermont Country Store. Along with nearly-extinct perfumes, obscure soaps, unusual canned goods, Vermont Country Store also has an interesting array of vintage-inspired toys and home goods that will send you back in time.
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We had a Raggedy Andy doll when we were very small, and seeing Vermont Country Store's Raggedy Ann and Andy now just makes us all misty-eyed. If your nostalgia only goes back to the '80s you can find a (still scented!) Strawberry Shortcake doll instead.

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Thrice-brushed flannel sheet blankets can help keep your family cozy this winter whether you're in Vermont or other snowy environs.

But really, for us the main attraction to Vermont Country Store is the high chance it offers to O.D. on nostalgia. Besides cool toys and odd knick-knacks, where else can you find Vaseline Soap, Rosebud Salve, Wind Song, a Bulova travel clock a slide viewer and Chiclets all in one place?


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