• Location: Portland, Oregon and online
  • Specialty: Warm and quirky products from independent designers.
  • Price range: $$
  • Website: woonwinkelhome.com

Woonwinkel is a Dutch word meaning "home shop". Woonwinkel is also the name of a store in Portland's West End neighborhood that specializes in handcrafted products from independent designers.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Woonwinkel owners Erica Essink and Kristin Van Buskirk chose the name of the store as much for its whimsical sound as for its Dutch meaning. While Erica and Kirstin have a true admiration for craftsmanship and design, their focus is on products that feel warm and home-y, modern with heart. Or you might even say serious design with a wink. And that's apparent in the designers you see at Woonwinkel. From the chalk piggy bank to the hand knit squirrel-fox, Woonwinkel lives up to it's name in both ways..

Shown in the gallery above:
• A collection of vessels from Portland design studio Pigeon Toe.
• Chalk It To Me Piggy Bank from Ladies and Gentlemen
• Ceramic Clock from Dutch designer Dick van Hoff
• Cyril Squirrel-Fox is hand knit in the UK by Donna Wilson
• Log Bowl by Alberta, Canada designers Loyal Loot Collective

(Images: Woonwinkel)