Yorkwood Co.: Community-Supported, Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Store Profile

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Handcrafted furniture featuring wood strictly salvaged from the New York City community.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website: yorkwoodco.com

Store History

  • Founded by: Adam Finkelman
  • Headquarters: New York, New York

Through a utilitarian approach to design, Yorkwood Co. has managed to establish a furniture line featuring wood strictly salvaged from the New York City community. Why seek out reclaimed wood from distant locations when the local businesses in New York City have excess pallet wood which is often hauled to dumps and wasted?

Where do all the old, beaten up wood shipping pallets of New York City go? If Yorkwood Co. has anything to do with it, they'll go back into your home — after being transformed into warm industrial style furniture, that is.

Wood shipping pallets are used all over New York but there comes a time when they must be discarded. That's where Yorkwood comes in. By developing relationships with businesses in New York City, Yorkwood collects excess pallet wood and re-purposes it into tables and benches. Yorkwood will also work with customers to create custom designs.

The pallet wood used is often marked by use — nail holes, knots and dings. These character flaws, which can still be seen through the finish applied to the wood, give the furniture character.

For more about Yorkwood Co., visit their store page over at Marketplace.

(Images: Yorkwood Furniture)