Younger Furniture: Fine Furnishings
Made in North Carolina

Store Profile

  • Location: In showrooms nationwide
  • Specialty: Sofa, chairs and ottomans made in North Carolina
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Headquarters: Thomasville, NC

Younger Furniture proudly crafts high quality upholstered furniture that fits today’s active family lifestyles. Our designs are up to date and easy to live with – no stuffy sofas here, and no fussy, hard-to-care-for fabrics either. Our built-in quality is every bit the equal to – and sometimes better than – what you’ll find in much higher priced pieces. Oh, and speaking of prices, we like to keep ours affordable, ‘cause it’s no fun making great furniture unless you can make it part of your life.

We opened a can of worms (in the best sense) when we posted about American made furnishings earlier this month. Since that post ran we've been hearing about a lot of other American-made products, like North Carolina's Younger Furniture.

This family-owned business has been crafting fine upholstered furniture in North Carolina since 1989. The company's focus is on quality – they use kiln dried American hardwoods, 8-gauge springs and high quality foam and down cushions – while also keeping designs stylish and modern. There's a nod to mid-century styling in many of Younger's newest designs – like the Kelsey Chair, shown at far right – and they also have styles that will fit with just about any decor style.

Whether you're in the market for new furniture or not, the video below is a fun little glimpse into what goes into modern furniture production – from empty frames to a fully upholstered sofas that are boxed up and ready to be shipped out.

Younger Furniture is available through retailers across the country. Check out their Store Locator for a retailer in your area.

(Images & Video: Younger Furniture)