Two's Company: 20 Shared Kids Rooms

Siblings sharing a bedroom is an inevitability in many small homes. If this is your situation and you're struggling with creating cohesion or fitting everything in one room, we've got twenty rooms for you to explore and draw inspiration from - sisters' rooms, brothers' rooms and brother-sister rooms. If it worked for Willis and Arnold, Mary and Laura and Becky and can work for your kids.

Shared Girls Rooms
Bella (4.5) & Lily (1.5)
Lainey & Nella
Sabine (7) & Penelope (3)
Juliette (8) & Isabelle (6)
Bianca (toddler) & Stella (newborn)
Princess & Firecracker
Edie (5) & Isla (newborn)
Jenin & Maysoon

Shared Boys Rooms
Cooper (7) & Campbell (3.5)
Parker & Landon
Zach & Clayton

Shared Boy-Girl Rooms
Elias (4) & Lioba (2)
Luca (5) & Gia (3)
Hadley (4 years) & Kohen (4 months)
Nicholas (3) & Amelia (almost 1)
Jackie (4) & Joe (1)
Lily (6) & Luke (3 months)
Kade (2) and Baby Sister (newborn)
Beatrice & Ambrose

One Room Three Ways:
Sebastian (3.5) & Ruby (5 weeks)
Sebastian (4.5) & Ruby (17 months)

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