7 Small-ish Hallways That Are Maxed Out on Style

7 Small-ish Hallways That Are Maxed Out on Style

Taryn Williford
Aug 29, 2015
(Image credit: Camille Simmons)

Over the years, we've written about great ideas for how to dress up that most utilitarian of spaces, the hallway. The suggestions are sound–things like laying down a long runner or hanging a piece of artwork at the end as a focal point–but they're not quite as impactful when your hallway is more of a tight passage than a grand castle corridor.

Here's some eye candy to ogle: seven real-life hallways that are as small and smart as they are stylish. These are also a great source of inspiration for entryways, stair landings or any other place where you have an awkward corner or narrow wall to decorate.

Above: A Bright Bohemian Apartment, from Planning Pretty on Houzz

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