How To Remove an Ink Stain with Milk & Vinegar

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Sometimes we find ourselves in the most cliché nerd predicament: a leaking or exploding ink pen (where was your pocket protector when you needed it!?). But you can put away your inhaler, because removing an ink blob is easier than you think. Just grab some milk and vinegar and get to the stain ASAP!

What You Need


  • 2 parts whole milk
  • 1 part white distilled vinegar
  • Large bowl


1. Place your garment in a bowl at the most shallow part, allowing it to be covered completely with the mixture.

2. Pour the milk into the bowl. Be sure it covers the stain completely. Add about half as much of the white vinegar.

3. Let the garment soak overnight to ensure the ingredients have time to work their magic.

4. Remove the garment from the mixture. If you see a light trace of the ink stain, rub the fabric to work out the stain. Toss the garment in the wash to remove the milk + vinegar and there you have it — good as new!

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Edited from an original post by Alexa Hotz published on September 19, 2011

(Image credits: Ashley Poskin)